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About StarPower Collective


The StarPower Collective is an internet radio show that interviews people about their love of Music. We interview people who normally are not in the spotlight. We’ve also had the fortunate pleasure of interviewing some notable people. Everyone we have had the pleasure to interview is a Star.

Personal stories and playlists are like fingerprints…each interesting in their own right. Each show becomes an individual’s accolade, that they love to share with family and friends. Unfortunately, some of our Stars have transitioned, and in some of those cases, our interviews were their last recordings. Thankfully, we were able to present families with these great treasures.

The StarPower Collective is our Life’s Work.

Do you have StarPower? Sure, you do!!!


It’s Progressive and Interactive, It’s the Face of new Media!


The premise of the StarPower Collective radio show is simple, we interview our every day heroes. Those people who have made an impact in our lives. No matter if we have known they for years of if we met them last week. If you have touched our lives in an impactful way you are a hero and if you haven’t interviewed for the StarPower Collective it’s only because we haven’t reached you on our long list. Now, you don’t have to be a star in the popular tense of the word, but a star in how you present yourself, how you shine when you walk down the street, how you are respected by your peers or just how you rep’ your family. StarPower is a way of life!

Do you have StarPower? Sure you do!

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